Silent Voices 2004

Although this compilation CD does not feature Cobweb Strange, both Wade and Soumen appear with the band Mantlepiece which has three tracks (#1, #13 & #15) of this 23 track disc.

Date of Release: May 2004

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Mantlepiece Band Members
Trevon Broad: Vocals
Kevin Little: Guitar
Wade Summerlin: Bass Guitar

Jody Lundell: Lead & Rhythm Guitars

Chris Hunt: Drums & Percussion
Soumen Talukder: Drums (Let You Go)
Sandy Broad: Organ (Footprints)
Lexi Street: Backing Vocals (Footprints)
Lauren Sellers: Lead Vocals (For A Moment & Let You Go)

Cover Art by Macy Moore
Mastering by Chris Griffin


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