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Various Artists
Ghost Notes

Ghost Notes

Various Artists: Ghost Notes (CPR-1052)
Ghost Notes
is a compilation of some of the best independent Progressive Rock (Prog Rock) bands in music from the early 2000s. It includes 9 songs and 3 bonus VIDEOS.
If you like bands like Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, Rush, Pink Floyd and Gentle Giant, this CD will give you a sample of the best bands of that style from the early 2000s.

1. Clarity's Advent (live) by Cobweb Strange
2. Crying in the Rain by Farpoint
3. Concatenations by Z-Axis
4. Wolves in the Fold by Karma Lingo
5. On the Moon by Electric Poem
6. Drowning Pulse of the Cold Green Sea
    by Cobweb Strange
7. Footprints by Mantlepiece
8. Tomorrow's Dreams Today 
    by Solution Science Systems
9. Man of Many Dreams by Lord Only

1. Currents of Nightshade
    by Cobweb Strange
2. Holy Ground by Z-Axis
3. Fear by Lord Only

Ghost Notes CD: $10


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