Thoughts Under Glass

Track Listing

1. Clarity's Advent
2. Gentle Darkness
3. The Sand Reckoner
4. First

Catalog Number: CPR-CS1
Date of Release: July 27, 1995

Ordering Information

The first release from Cobweb Strange was the four song EP, "Thoughts Under Glass" released in 1995. "Thoughts Under Glass" was recorded at Counterpoint Studios in June and July of 1995. The Track "Gentle Darkness" was later re-mixed and re-released on "The Temptation of Successive Hours" which was the first full length release.

Band Members
Wade Summerlin: Bass Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals
Derik Rinehart: Drums & Percussion
Jonathan Burke: Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals

Cover Photo by Wade
Band Photo by Tracy Taggart

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