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You can now order Cobweb Strange CDs online or by mail! We have three full length Cobweb Strange albums ("A Breath of October", "Sounds from the Gathering" and "The Temptation of Successive Hours") available as well as a Cobweb Strange sampler CD with three songs from each of our three albums ("Seamless Selections") and three compilation CDs with a variety of songs from several different bands including Cobweb Strange ("Ghost Notes," "Paths Less Traveled" & "A Collection of Curiosities").  We also have the Electric Poem CD "The Crystal Mind" available.  You can purchase CDs either with a credit card or by mail by sending us a check or Money Order (or cash if you really trust the Post Office), our address is at the bottom of the page.

For more information about the albums, please visit our DISCOGRAPHY page.

Click on a picture or title below to order online:

A Breath of October Sounds From The Gathering The Temptation of Successive Hours Seamless Selections
A Breath
of October
Sounds From
The Gathering
The Temptation
of Successive Hours

  You can also order multiple CDs at one time using the order form below.  Select the quantity that you would like to purchase in the box to the right of each CD title.  Quantities default to a quantity of "1", so change the quantity to "0" for discs you do not wish to purchase.

album price #
COBWEB STRANGE: A Breath of October $12.00
COBWEB STRANGE: Sounds From The Gathering $12.00
COBWEB STRANGE: The Temptation of Successive Hours $12.00
COBWEB STRANGE: Seamless Selections $12.00
ELECTRIC POEM: The Crystal Mind $12.00
COMPILATION: Ghost Notes $12.00
COMPILATION: Paths Less Traveled $12.00
COMPILATION: A Collection of Curiosities $12.00
Choose how many, and click
Orders sent by CD Baby - the fastest, safest, and easiest place to buy CDs online. You can also call 1-800-448-6369 to order by phone.

or you can order the old fashioned way.

send check or Money Order
payable to "Cobweb Strange" to:

Cobweb Strange
P.O. Box 191035
Atlanta, GA 31119

Shipping is additional for credit card orders, but shipping
 within the United States is included in the Mail Order price.
Please email us with your address for shipping rates 
outside of the United States.


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