Electric Poem:
The Crystal Mind

Track Listing

1. Trouble with Troubadours
2. A.D.
3. Easy
4. On with the Show
5. Sexual Crime
6. On the Moon
7. Love Cemetery
8. What Dreams May Come
9. Wanna Fly
10. Poet's Rage
11. Emotion
12. Hell of a Show

Catalog Number: CPR-1050
Date of Release: December 2000

Ordering Information


The lineup of Cobweb Strange appearing on "A Breath of October" first worked together in Electric Poem during the recording of this album. "The Crystal Mind" was recorded at Genterine Studios by Wade. Chris Griffin mixed and mastered the disc at Griffin Mastering.

Band Members
Thomas Luke: Vocals
Holly Williams: Guitar
Wade Summerlin: Bass & Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
Brandi Byrum: Keyboards and Backing Vocals
Soumen Talukder: Drums

All photos and artwork by Wade
Mastering by Griffin Mastering


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