Ghost Notes

Track Listing

1. Cobweb Strange "Clarity's Advent (Live)"
2. Farpoint "Crying in the Rain"
3. Z-Axis "Concatenations"
4. Karma Lingo "Wolves in the Fold"
5. Electric Poem "On the Moon"
6. Cobweb Strange "The Drowning Pulse 
    of the Cold Green Sea"

7. Mantlepiece "Footprints"
8. Solution Science Systems "Tomorrow's
    Dreams Today"
9. Lord Only "Man of Many Dreams"

1. Cobweb Strange "Currents of Nightshade"
2. Z-Axis "Holy Ground"
3. Lord Only "Fear"

Catalog Number: CPR-1052
Date of Release: 2004

Ordering Information

"Ghost Notes" is a compilation CD featuring 8 bands in a variety of styles all falling under the general category of Progressive Rock.  The CD was put together to be included with the Summer 2004 issue of Progression Magazine.  The two Cobweb Strange song "Clarity's Advent (Live) (a previously unreleased track) and "The Drowning Pulse of the Cold Green Sea" (from the Cobweb Strange album "A Breath of October") are both included on the disc as well as a video for the song "Clarity's Advent". Members of Cobweb Strange appear on two other tracks on the disc as well; Electric Poem (Holly on Guitar, Brandi on Keyboards, Wade on Bass & Soumen on Drums), Mantlepiece (Wade on Bass).

Cover photos by Wade.  
Mastering by Griffin Mastering

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