A Collection of Curiosities

Track Listing

1. Cobweb Strange "Taste of Ash"
2. Hooray For Buzzy "Say What You Want"
3. Breath of God "The Sirens"
4. Love Like Heaven "Love" (w/ Vocals by Wade & Brandi)
5. Brent Furlong "Now More Than Ever" (w/ Wade on Bass)
6. Ali Salaad "Verboden Toegang"
7. Spyglass Guest "I Am I" (w/ Wade on Bass)
8. Natural Tension "Under Turnstiles"
9. Last Ditch Effort "Oblivious"
10. His Majesty "Hour Of"
11. B-Man & Super Phaze "Foegetabowdit" (w/ Wade on Bass)
12. Willem McCormick "Amy (Mega Dance Mix)
13. Planet of Playthings "Invite Her In" (w/ Wade on Bass & Vocals)

Catalog Number: CPR-2001
Date of Release: April 30, 1998

Ordering Information

"A Collection of Curiosities" is a compilation CD featuring 13 bands in a variety of styles all falling under the general category of Rock.  The Cobweb Strange song "Taste of Ash" (from the Cobweb Strange album "Sounds From the Gathering") opens the disc. Members of Cobweb Strange appear on other tracks as well; Love Like Heaven (Vocals by Wade and Backing Vocals by Brandi), Spyglass Guest (Wade on Bass), B-Man & Super Phaze (Wade on Bass and Derik on Drums), Brent Furlong (Wade on Bass and Derik on Drums) and Planet of Playthings (Wade on Bass and Vocals, Derik on Drums and Randy "Sound Guy" Huyett on Guitar).

Tracks 1, 4, 5, 6, 11 & 13 from "A Collection of Curiosities" were recorded and mixed at Genterine Studios.  Chris Griffin mastered the disc at Griffin Mastering. All photos and artwork by Wade.  Mastering by Griffin Mastering

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