Sometimes the Shine Just Fades Away

I lie awake and kick the sheets
That bind me here from all my dreams
I touch my mind, or try at least
It spins so fast in silent streams
The image comes
It fades in like an ocean tide
A hush surrounds
And I start to melt inside

My thoughts have lost their meaning here
I struggle so, to understand
I can't hold on to anything
As logic passes through my hands
I suffocate
I feel so faint and strange
Confusion floods
Is nothing real but change

I feel the night consume me now
So smooth and soft, I'm lost inside
Your past repeats throughout my thoughts
Your memories make me want to cry
But nothing plagues my consciousness
More than the visions that I have seen
As time slips past you've left me alone
To share a bet with apathy

Sometimes the shine just fades away
The shimmer turns to tarnished green
And though the lights may dissipate
While melting to obscurity
You'll always find that pain resides
Deep in the darkness of your heart
It eats the life from memory
And slowly tears your mind apart

c 1998 Wade Summerlin 

From the album
"Sounds From the Gathering"

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