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 Limited Time Special Offer! 2 for 1

Pure Ed
Paperback High EP + FREE Live at the Viper Room EP!!!

For a limited time only, purchase Pure Ed's new Paperback High EP and receive a FREE Pure Ed's Live at the Viper Room EP too!  Not only that, but we will also ship to anywhere in the world for the same price that we ship to USA addresses!

Pure Ed: Paperback High Pure Ed: Live at the Viper Room

Pure Ed: Paperback High EP (CPR-1073)
Pure Ed is back with the Paperback High EP offering up five powerful songs filled with emotion and drive.  Ed Heads will recognize the songs Paperback High and Rock & Roll Whore as two of the live cuts on the Live at the Viper Room EP, but these studio versions breathe a different kind of life into the songs.  Combined with Alone Like You and Maggie, the band explores new territory while remaining true to the Pure Ed vision.  To top off the disc, a new mix of Pure Ed's cover of the song Pump it Up is also included.  The song was originally released on The Hawk of New York Soundtrack, but the new mix appearing here is unique to the Paperback High EP.  Released by Genterine Records on July 24, 2015.

Pure Ed: Live at the Viper Room EP (CPR-1172)
Recorded during Pure Ed's January 2013 show at The Viper Room in Los Angeles, the Live at the Viper Room EP captures the raw energy of the band's live performances.  This disc includes new songs as well as live versions of songs from the band's debut album Shoes, Ships & Sealing Wax.  Released by Genterine Records on August 23, 2013.

TRACK LISTING for Paperback High EP:
1. Paperback High
2. Rock & Roll Whore
3. Alone Like You
4. Maggie
5. Pump It Up

TRACK LISTING: for Viper Room EP
1. Wine & Dine (LIVE)
2. Rock & Roll Whore (LIVE)
3. Lies (LIVE)
4. Work Sucks (LIVE)
5. Paperback High (LIVE)

Pure Ed: Paperback High EP CD: $6

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